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Seasons of Worship

We all like to get together when the music is good, when the songs inspire and the prayers move us.I’m sure we have had those experiences and likely commented on how “Worship was Awesome!”Perhaps more common is when we gather and the songs do not transport us, the music unsettles us, and the experience is hard to endure.“What was that?” is a common response.But perhaps we are looking at Worship from the wrong direction?
The word Worship describes the desire to ascribe worth and praise and glory to something… someone, namely God.  We come to Worship someone… else… not ourselves.  And yet we have a hard time separating ourselves from that equation.  It makes sense because if we are the ones ascribing glory, we should be using language and action that rings true to us.  No sense me trying to offer glory in a language I cannot understand.  Yet even as I say this, is it not true that when we love someone, we desire to speak in their language?  We desire to treat them as they would want?  If…